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My husband primarily operates his automotive detailing and custom carbon fiber parts business through social media and referrals. However, since we moved to Las Vegas, he’s been looking to expand his reach. One of the strategies we came up with was to create an e-commerce website.



  • Increase efficiency for selling carbon parts that he can make and mail in bulk.
  • Provide a standard form that interested parties can use to submit custom requests.
  • Increase his professional reputation and network reach.


This was my first time developing an online shop. My research taught me that using a WordPress WooCommerce-enabled theme would be the best way to go. I also hosted the site very inexpensively on iPage.  I literally threw the site together in under 24 hours.

You can see his shop and content here:
However, with the WordPress CMS system, the content is unlimited. With WordPress’s UI, the inexperienced user can easily add new products to the store or photos to the online galleries.

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After the initial speedy setup, we left my husband's website in a pretty janky state. At some point in the near future, I'd like to use styles to refine the site's visual hierarchy and correct layout misalignments. Further, I need to optimize his images to be smaller files so that they'll load faster. In addition, we need to add another level of security to protect his customers, as well as utilize an SEO plugin like Yoast SEO. Finally, my husband would like to do a rebranding that will include changing his business name, his URL, and his logo. We may eventually do a complete redesign of the website to match the updates.