SharePoint InSight is a central location that Credit One Bank customer service, fraud, collections, and other customer-facing departments at the bank can use to access their procedure manuals and new process updates.


  • SharePoint icon SharePoint 2016
  • Adobe Xd icon Adobe XD
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I led the user interviews as well as the user interface design and development. I also created team documentation in Atlassian Confluence for the project, as well as how-to instructions for basic SharePoint tasks such as editing page CSS or attaching an external JavaScript file.

The two other members of the team were in charge of setting up communications with the stakeholders and creating the visual graphics (e.g. logos). We all collaborated on interpreting the data that we gathered from interviews to determine the new interface requirements and features needed.


  1. Unified, consistent organization of data and interface layout across every department.
  2. Professional, logical design that follows the current style guide’s rules.
  3. Increased efficiency for use and access of information (reduce confusion of user and decrease time taken to obtain desired data).
    • We chose to not stray from the current design completely so that long-time users can still feel familiar with the new layout.


SharePoint InSight front page before


SharePoint InSight front page after



The logged in user can save document links in a custom list that is available to only them.

SharePoint custom user list feature


This is an area that administrators can post public updates or information that all users need to know about.

SharePoint announcements feature


  1. First, we were given the assignment with very general directions to make the SharePoint InSight dashboard look cleaner and more professional. However, we inferred that making it easier to access and utilize effectively by employees would be of high importance as well.
  2. We began by making a list of goals based on the stakeholders' input. This helped us determine the company's priorities, and what their resource and time trade-off might depend on.
  3. Next, we setup 5 user interviews with employees from different departments that regularly use the interface. Their employment lengths at the company also varied, and this often impacted their opinions about the InSight dashboard.
  4. Thereafter, we analyzed those qualitative results and came up lists of what would need to be changed or newly implemented. Then we held a few demos with the current SharePoint administrator so that he could show us how to navigate the software's complex setup. This was also the 2016 version of SharePoint, so it has less capabilities and online documentation than the most modern version.
  5. Then my teammate began making different logo versions and I created the interface mock ups on Adobe XD. I also created SharePoint how-to documentation as was necessary.
  6. Finally, I began coding the designs within a SharePoint development environment that the administrator setup for us. About halfway through the development, I held another demo with my teammate to show what I had done so far.
  7. When the development process was finally complete, there was a company-wide ransomware attack that caused a lot of local work to be lost. (The images on this page are from the mockups only as I didn't capture enough screenshots before this "hack".) I had a backup of the external code files on my personal laptop, but the executives decided to use the opportunity to update our SharePoint software. We may soon have an opportunity to redesign similar improvements in SharePoint 365.


I really enjoy taking on projects like this where I'm able to have a role in every part of the final product process. From the data gathering to the more abstract-refining implementation, this project was not only a great learning experience, but also had a different set of responsibilities from what I usually do in my Web Development Specialist position at Credit One. And although the new user interface and logo design wasn't ultimately used here, we are going to be able to re-apply them in a new way on the SharePoint 365 platform.