MySavei is a website containing condensed savings and investment information for younger generations, marginalized groups, or anyone with the notion that the stock market is "only for rich people". The stock market is one of the very few avenues for passive wealth generation that actually grows (and even often surpasses) inflation. Therefore, it shouldn't be a tool that is only utilized by the already wealthy. MySavei wants to make investing more accessible to everyone! It is currently being coded in React JavaScript using functional components and hooks with Router. You can see the progress here:


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High-Level Goals
  • Make it easier for younger generations and underprivileged groups to get started with personal savings & investing (outside of any employer 401K plans).
  • Decrease the wealth gap by encouraging and promoting long-term wealth-building strategies that are not always accessible to everyone.
Specific Goals
  • Make the stock market and investing less intimidating by breaking down some of the most important concepts into manageable, easily understandable portions.
  • Endorse tools (mobile apps) that will be recognizable, free (or extremely inexpensive), and user-friendly for today's smart phone users (almost everyone).
  • Ensure the informative content and process for beginning to invest takes as little of the users time as possible.
Development Goals
  • Gain more experience with React JavaScript and React Router.
  • Host a React website and connect it to search engines via various available tools.


  1. In 2020, I began educating myself about the stock market through reading books and articles. At the same time, I was trying to learn React JS to increase my job skills. Due to the widespread misconceptions about the stock market among the general population, I drew up the idea for this project.
  2. First, I created my goals lists. Then, I did some market research to make sure I wasn't creating a website that already exists. What I found is that most similar online content were just written articles. None of the sources that I found accomplished all the high-level and specific goals that I had for MySavei.
  3. Next, I planned the user flow. I kept it simple and prioritized the speed of the user's journey. The less time it takes, the more likely the user is to actually open their own investment account.
  4. I began the design process. Initially, I made some sketches based on various internet sourced inspiration. Then I made some basic high-fidelity wire frames. Following these, I went through many rounds of brand-specific designs. I had chosen to focus the colors around green (money), yellow/orange/copper (coins), and purple (power). You can see some of the design mocks that I phased through in the images further down this page.
  5. I started developing the website during the second phase of the UI design. When I (asked for and) received some great constructive feedback about my design, I decided to explore other options. I pivoted on the design and eventually came up with the design I have now. Currently, the site is still in the development process, but is very close to being in its final form.

Market Research

I only did a small amount of market research via online search engines. I couldn't find much more than articles and Youtube videos. None of the sources I found accomplished all of mySavei's goals.

MySavei market research spreadsheet

User Experience Flow

MySavei user experience flow


Initial Sketches
MySavei final mocks for all the mobile screens
Final (Desktop)


This is in a functional state on but there are many bugs and refinements that need attention. When those are done, I'll be re-developing it in Gatsby, and transferring to Netlify. I also need to add the front page video educating the visitor on why they should invest. After, I'll index it and begin initiating social media marketing strategies surrounding it. I'd also like to fit in some time to make a completely accessible version of the website and its content.